Standard Control – SGAI

Standard Control - SGAI


Electric trolleys on wheels


Using the best experience in the field of electric transport, we have improved the features of our battery truck, enhancing its quality, performance and safety.

These battery powered trucks have been designed and manufactured to produce efficient products with increased performance and flexibility. Because our motorised trolley follows no predefined path and can steer in any direction on any type of floor, it is very useful to transport heavy loads where overhead cranes cannot be used.

Among the variety for transportation purposes, matrix handling is one of the most common functions performed by this electric puller.

The easy manoeuvrability of our die cart makes it the perfect machine to meet the most important mould transport requirements: confined spaces with strictly enforced walkways.

The design of each matrix transfer car is preceded by a preliminary study of the customer’s specific needs and use conditions. Our battery powered trucks can be equipped with a driver’s cab, control panel or remote control to operate them according to the level of speed required by the customer.

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The use of automated vehicles is growing in all manufacturing sectors. Our battery operated trucks can be equipped with an AGV version that ensures complete autonomy in the steering and driving process. Visit our section dedicated to AGVs.

It is possible to design and manufacture special battery-powered trolleys, IECEx and ATEX, ideal for hazardous areas at risk of explosion, such as offshore platforms, paint rooms, oil and gas and mining industries.


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