Towed trailers

Towed trailers



An industrial trailer for handling any type of cargo, even when located in confined spaces. For operation in confined spaces, a series of steerable trailers are available with a centre-corrected vault to minimise the radius of curvature.
For handling loads whose centre of gravity is high and off-centre, steering trailers are available on telescopic supports instead of on a ball-bearing turntable.

For operation on rough floors, the industrial trailer can be equipped with superelastic or air tyres.
In addition to handling special loads, MORELLO has conceived industrial trailers with distinctive features, with superstructures or shapes suitable for solving the customer’s transport problems.

Customization options on request:
  • Brake system
  • Lighting system
  • Bodies, sides, fixed or removable cover
  • Columns for load securing
  • Leaf or hydraulic suspension system.


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