Factory intralogistics for heavy cargo

Custom-designed transport trolleys – from standard transport trolleys to advanced automation, AGV solutions and sustainable technologies.
Supplying heavy material handling technology to global industries since 1946.


We design and manufacture transport trolleys, AGVs and intelligent handling equipment - up to 1000 tons of cargo

Morello is the world’s leading manufacturer of wheeled machinery for the internal movement of heavy industrial loads within industrial plants worldwide.
We supply vehicles and machines, standard or custom designed, for moving extremely heavy equipment or semi-finished products from a basic weight of 500 kg up to extreme loads of 1000 t.

The main products that Morello designs and manufactures for its clients worldwide include electric transfer trucks, operator controlled or fully automated, on wheels or rails, electric or diesel, heavy duty pallet trucks, trailers, dump trucks, roller trailers and EX hazardous area transfer trucks.

Morello Engineering, design and intelligent technology applied to heavy load handling

The Morello brand is represented in industrial plants around the world and stands for quality engineering, industrial design and operational excellence.

Based in Turin, north-west Italy, Morello has over 75 years of experience in solving problems associated with moving heavy loads in industrial plants. With our skilled design and manufacturing teams specialising in mechanical, steel joinery, hydraulics, electronics and pneumatics, we deliver state-of-the-art machine solutions to our clients around the world.

Combining more than a decade of experience and expertise in customization, we represent excellence in the design and manufacture of customized transport trucks since 1946. We pay special attention to our customers’ needs and offer both standard and customized platform truck design solutions to address material handling requirements of any scale and complexity.

MORELLO designs and manufactures a wide range of battery powered trolleys, diesel self-propelled trailers, transport trolleys, industrial trailers, tippers, hoists and lifting platforms covering several industries: metallurgy, oil and gas, shipyards, automotive, aerospace, power generation, paper mills, metalworking and more.

Our material handling trolleys guarantee excellence in terms of customization, performance, materials and safety, representing the best practices of customized design and Made in Italy quality.

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