Electric trucks

Electric trucks


Heavy-duty platform trucks and battery or hybrid material handling trucks


One of Morello’s core competencies is the design and manufacture of unique models of electric platform trucks with battery or hybrid motors according to individual projects and specific operational requirements. A customised electric trolley for handling large, heavy and non-standard loads on site will perfectly suit manufacturing companies around the world.

The problem of pollution caused by diesel vehicles is steadily increasing, which represents a key trend in the review to ban on-site material handling both indoors in halls and outdoors in industrial areas. In line with modern requirements, the Morello portfolio offers a wide range of heavy-duty platform trucks and trolleys in all-electric (battery) or hybrid solutions.


The battery transporter uses traction based on brushless electric motors using PLC control and the latest generation inverters that extract power from one or more batteries mounted on electric trucks.

The main advantages of an all-electric transporter compared to a diesel transporter include:
  • Complete absence of contamination (with complete flexibility of use both indoors and outdoors)
  • Savings of thousands of euros per year (diesel vs. electricity)
  • Almost complete absence of maintenance
  • Extending the life of the vehicle (replacing the electric motor is very easy and inexpensive)
  • Significant reduction in noise pollution
  • Possibility of automation.

It is the use of lithium batteries that has contributed to the increasing prevalence of battery-powered trucks. Thanks to their charging speed (which can take up to an hour, with the most sophisticated lithium-ion cells) and the ability to charge in minutes (bottle power), these battery-powered trucks have made it possible to accommodate the busiest duty cycles that don’t allow for long stops for recharging. With adequate study of battery size, charging breaks and exchange conditions, it is possible to guarantee the use of an electric material handling trolley 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Hybrid is an extremely flexible type of electric platform truck that combines the absence of pollution from a battery car with the autonomy of a diesel vehicle. Hybrid transporters can only operate with battery power and a diesel engine, giving the operator the ability to switch from battery (completely emission-free) to diesel power with a simple turn of a dial. Such flexibility is very useful for all movements involving both indoor and outdoor operations and provides extensive autonomy that would currently be difficult to achieve with battery-powered solutions.

Our electric roller conveyor is equipped with PLC-controlled AC electric traction motors and an inverter to ensure the low maintenance and high reliability that define our production. The electric platform truck provides a perfect alternative to hydraulic motors with their high maintenance costs, environmental problems, high consumption and low reliability.

Our core expertise enables us to design and manufacture material handling trolleys to suit the customer’s needs and customise them in almost every aspect. To attach moulds and coils with trucks, customisation is often required, requiring saddles suitable for transporting coils or reinforced frames to concentrate the load on the moulds.

In addition to coil and mould handling trolleys, we sell electric material handling trolleys to steel mills, foundries, aerospace, nuclear, power, aluminium, oil and gas and other industries that require on-site and heavy-duty transportation.

Equipped with PLCs, inverters and electronic sensors, the electric trolleys are perfectly suited for the complete automation of industrial material handling. On request, our flatbed trucks can be delivered in AGV version as well as ready for future automation.


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