Upenders / Dumpers

Upenders / Dumpers


Upenders for coils, dies and other heavy materials


The upender or tilter is widely used around the world and provides modern demanding industries with increased productivity and extreme safety when tilting large and very heavy materials by 90°, 180° and 360°. Overhead cranes or forklifts for unloading heavy loads are now widely used by companies requiring high levels of safety and productivity. With today’s metalworking industry changing so rapidly, the flat mould bender provides modern solutions to industrial mould, tool and die handling problems.

A special tipping machine allows the operator to unload the overhead cranes. The upender is completely safe as it prevents the lifted load from being held while tilting, so operators are safe from difficult and dangerous manoeuvres. Morello supplies flatbeds for moulds, dies, coils, castings and other material handling in a variety of manufacturing industries around the world.

Morello upenders can be customised according to special needs: payload, loading platform size and covers, tilting speed and other options can be studied together with the client. Morello pays special attention to the design of heavy duty solutions with high capacities from 10 tons to over 200 tons.


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Upenders / dumpers - applications in the industrial sector