Diesel trucks

Diesel trucks



Self-propelled diesel trailers are used to handle any type of load, even huge and heavy ones, even in confined spaces. For this purpose, it is possible to have electronic control systems if necessary and the resulting configurations are specified in the technical data.

A diesel engine is needed when the power required is too high to power our self-driving vehicles with batteries, or when duty cycles do not allow for recharging breaks.

Uneven terrain and slopes are solved by hydraulic axle levelling if necessary. For large and heavy loads, multiple vehicles can be used at the same time, either mechanically or electronically.

On request:
  • Electronic control with extended configuration
  • Automatic movement (AGV)
  • Complete customization in every aspect of the self-propelled system (dimensions, speed, capacity, etc.)


  • Capacity od 1 tony do 1 000 ton
  • Dimensions na požiadanie
  • Control systems predná náprava, všetky nápravy, riadenie ± 90 °, všesmerové
  • Power dieselový motor
  • Driving speed na požiadanie (od 1 km / h do viac ako 15 km / h)
  • Propulsion engines AC motory alebo hydraulické motory
  • Control engines AC motory alebo hydraulické motory
  • Control závesný panel, diaľkový ovládač, podnožka, kabína
  • Type of wheels pevná guma, polyuretán, pneumatický
  • Lifting platform na požiadanie (zdvíhací zdvih od 50 mm)
  • Ability to climb na požiadanie ( od 2% do viac ako 20% )
  • Operating environment vnútorné, vonkajšie, pobrežné
  • Safety equipment laserové skenery, citlivé nárazníky, ultrazvukové senzory
  • Industry 4.0 ready na požiadanie
  • Danger areas correspond to (EX) na požiadanie (ATEX, IECEx, NEC 500)
  • Automatic version - AGV na požiadanie

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