Trucks for hazardous environments (EX)

Trucks for hazardous environments (EX)


Trucks for hazardous environments (EX)


MORELLO designs and manufactures IECEx/ATEX powered trolleys and towing trailers for the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, mines, paint rooms and any other environment where explosion proof trolleys are required to avoid any risk of explosion.

On offshore production units, platforms or vessels, maintenance always requires material handling. Large engines, long pipes and other heavy equipment have to be moved, often to locations out of reach of the crane. Adapted and certified explosion-proof transporters are required to handle equipment in these hazardous areas.

These ECEx/ATEX trucks and trailers are specially designed and modified by Morello for the following hazardous environments


As offshore platforms and vessels have very narrow space, ATEX and IECEx trucks can be supplied with omnidirectional steering: carousel (rotation at its own centre), lateral movements (90°), diagonal movements, etc.


Each IECEx and ATEX power platform is equipped with explosion-proof components, certified according to the different hazardous areas (zone 1 and 2, gas and dust).
On request, they can also be supplied with various certifications from notification bodies: third-party ATEX and IECEx certifications, lifting tool certifications, factory test certifications.


Due to the harsh conditions in which these transport trolleys have to work, they are waterproof, with protection of electrical components up to IP 69.
In addition, they feature stainless steel components and are painted with certified paint cycles that are guaranteed to withstand even the harshest environments.


Every ship and every platform has its own characteristics and every customer has its own needs.
IECEx and ATEX trucks are completely customizable: dimensions, speed, type of wheels, superstructures, safety devices, battery life, command system, climbing capability and many other features can be chosen by the customer; MORELLO provides assistance in choosing the best solution


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