Industry 4.0 and automation

Industry 4.0 and automation

Industry 4.0 and automation

Industry 4.0 is the automation and digital transformation of existing manufacturing and industrial processes using modern smart technologies.

Connected machines collect vast amounts of data that can support maintenance and performance. Data analytics can identify patterns and insights that a human could not perform in real time. As a result, the application of Industry 4.0 technologies enables us to support our clients in optimizing their operations, monitoring the performance of our equipment and providing intelligent expert services in any location on any continent around the world.


Many of our machines are equipped with specific devices that connect our self-driving vehicles to the internet or to the customer’s network via SIM or WiFi.

Connection to the customer’s network allows our self-driving vehicles to communicate with the customer’s IT control systems and with other machines and equipment. In this way, our machines are integrated into the client’s production and logistics processes. This enables full process automation as well as simple and fast diagnostics and the collection of important data for efficient process analysis.

Internet connectivity allows us to connect to our self-driving vehicles and control them remotely. For example, to install software updates or to provide real-time client support in the rare event of failures. We can also automatically monitor and store the performance parameters of on-board components (batteries, motors, PLCs, etc…) to identify in advance any faults and/or aging and the condition of the components.

Remote assistance

In order to provide immediate assistance to our clients, we can connect to our machines remotely. As mentioned above, we can fit internet connectivity devices to all of our machines, allowing our support staff to connect to the machine directly from our offices in real time. In this way we can assess and diagnose the causes of any anomalies and most problems can be solved efficiently and quickly.

In fact, we can interfere directly with the software of our machine, which, thanks to its diagnostic tools, allows us to understand what the problem might be. If the machine needs to be serviced, we can remotely guide and instruct the client’s technical staff step by step.

In recent years, we have quickly and efficiently resolved failures directly from our offices around the world: in India, China, USA, Nigeria, throughout Europe, Australia and many other countries.


The AGVs manufactured by MORELLO are custom-made automated vehicles, designed according to specifications agreed with the client and with extremely high load capacities: from 3÷4 tonnes up to 1000 tonnes. Technology and the resulting benefits associated with AGVs are part of the Industry 4.0 transformation in all respects.

The MORELLO AGV is a driverless, computer-controlled vehicle for transporting heavy loads, with the option of automatic self-loading/unloading when required. The AGV is pre-programmed, moving autonomously without the presence of an operator in factories and warehouses, in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is effectively an online robot that can react in real time to frequent changes in production operations and absorb the impact of real-time decision making.

The multiple benefits of switching to AGV operations include reduced labor and personnel costs, increased safety, reduced property damage, increased accuracy and traceability, ideally suited for high-risk environments, higher accuracy and productivity.

MORELLO sees great advantages for operations in many different manufacturing industries such as the steel industry for the movement of tubes, coils and sheet metal, automotive, power generation, shipbuilding and many more.