Battery/electric platform trolley wheels




The performance and functionality of our flatbed trucks is one of our key strengths. We focus on quality, safety and working flexibility by adopting the most advanced technology on our high performance platform trucks.
Morello’s SGAI and OMNI trolleys, which include a high-capacity matrix trolley, offer unrivalled adaptability and flexibility in plant logistics. We enable our clients to be more efficient and competitive in demanding markets such as metal machining and the management of, for example, steel coils, moulds, tooling and die shop logistics.

As a normal steer wheel trolley, our SGAI motorised platform trolley is designed to transport heavy loads where overhead cranes cannot operate, ensuring precise movement in confined spaces with narrow pathways. SGAI’s tool change truck on wheels can transport a heavy mold, form, motor or any other heavy and non-standard industrial item wherever your plant requires it.

With a 500 tonne capacity, the SGAI platform truck has no predefined track and allows you to move and drive the trucks on any surface or floor, indoors or outdoors.

Exceptional manoeuvring and steering flexibility is a key feature of the OMNI heavy-duty platform truck with a load capacity of up to 1,000 tonnes. Omni-directional steering, independently controlled wheel units along with many customisation options make it the ultimate solution.
This high-capacity quick-change truck with on-board lifting platform (if required) minimises crane use, increases productivity in the field and ensures maximum manoeuvrability in challenging operating environments.

Additional customization options are available such as AGVs and ATEX certified, explosion proof platform trucks for hazardous areas such as offshore platforms, paint shops, mines, as well as off-road applications in the oil and gas and mining industries.
Electronic traction control, independent wheel group systems, complete sets of scanners and sensors along with advanced customization options make these MORELLO trucks an advanced technology for many industrial applications.

MORELLO’s industrial design also focuses on respect for the environment. The development of environmentally friendly, low-pollution technologies ensures not only improved plant logistics, but also investment in environmentally friendly and sustainable equipment.