Precast concrete

Precast concrete

Solutions for the precast concrete sector

Precast concrete structures are produced by pouring concrete into a reusable mould. It is then dried in a controlled environment and finally transported to site for final assembly. Precast concrete structures can reach significant weights and need to be transported and moved both in the production plant and on site. Morello is highly experienced in supplying heavy industrial trucks to manufacturers of precast concrete structures, helping to increase the productivity and efficiency of important international projects.

In Europe, the USA, the UK and the Middle East, Morello’s heavy-duty flatbed trucks are used to move and transport extremely large precast concrete beams and smaller, more compact elements in manufacturing plants and on construction sites.Contact our experts to find out more about the technical characteristics of our heavy-duty trucks for transporting the elements that make up precast concrete structures in manufacturing plants or on construction sites.

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