Operator command and control options

Operator command and control options

Operator command and control options

Hanging panel
  • Remote control
  • On-board controller – foot panel
  • On-board driver – cabin

Morello’s heavy-duty self-propelled trucks can be operated by the operator in 4 different ways. There is also the option of a fully automatic trolley (AGV), but this is discussed in a separate section.

When it comes to operator-controlled trolleys, the controllability depends on several factors:
  • the working environment of the self-propelled trolley: indoors only, outdoors only or both
  • the lengths of the routes that the trolley has to travel
  • the speed at which the self-propelled trolley must move
  • work cycles or trolley shifts: several hours per shift or continuous work
  • the type of steering with which the trolley is equipped

Hanging panel

Cable control is the simplest, cheapest and most reliable way to operate the Morello self-propelled trolley. In this case, the trolley is equipped with two sockets in opposite corners, to which a push-button panel equipped with a cable is connected.

The operator must always be close to the self-propelled trolley (2 or 3 metres). This type of control is therefore suitable for trolleys that do not have to travel long distances. The operator must walk behind the trolley and stay close to it. The trolley has a low speed level and operates on duty cycles that are not too demanding in terms of continuous working hours.

A control panel with wired connection is often supplied as a back-up device for clients who choose to use a radio-controlled device as a first option.

Remote control

Remote control is the most flexible way to operate a Morello self-propelled vehicle. In this case, communication between the control panel and the trolley is via radio thanks to a receiver on board the trolley.

As no connecting cable is required, the operator can efficiently control the self-propelled vehicle by quickly positioning himself in the best position to achieve optimum visibility without being restricted in his movements by any device. The remote control is therefore particularly suitable for omnidirectional trucks, which, thanks to the ability to steer in any direction, can turn on the spot and work in very tight spaces. The operator must have complete freedom of movement and positioning as required.

As the operator is not obliged to follow the vehicle step by step and can stay at a certain distance, the remote control option is also more suitable for trucks with slightly more intensive work cycles.

Deck wire - foot stand

In the case of foot-operated trolleys, the operator is positioned on a platform mounted on the trolley itself, usually in an upright position. The operator is therefore on board the vehicle and does not have to walk next to the trolley during handling operations.

The platform can be equipped with special controls, such as a hand wheel and joystick control, or it can simply be operated using a push-button panel or remote control device. This type of control is therefore suitable for trucks that have to travel relatively long distances and at relatively higher speeds. It is a less demanding solution for the on-board operator and therefore suitable for more demanding duty cycles where the operator/driver has to work continuously.

On-board driver - cabin

For particularly long routes and relatively high speeds, Morello self-propelled vehicles can be equipped with a special driver’s cab. In this case, the operator sits in a comfortable cab, equipped with a seat, steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedals, control panel and a range of other options for comfortable and efficient operation.

The cab can be designed as partially open or fully enclosed. The enclosed cab, which can be equipped with heating and air conditioning, is therefore the ideal solution for outdoor operations where the operator is exposed to variable weather conditions.

This solution is often appreciated by customers as an alternative to diesel trucks. In fact, the Morello self-propelled cabover can not only be adapted to the customer’s needs in terms of load and dimensions, but can also be powered by batteries and electric motors, completely eliminating pollution and ensuring a completely environmentally friendly transport solution within the plant.